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House Stump Repairs

House Stump Repairs

Reasons why house are stumps deteriorate

Every property is different, but common deterioration to house stumps include:


Soil conditions. – Especially Steel columns


Insect infestations. – Timber


Carbonation / ASR Alkali silica Reaction / Chlorides / lack of cover to the reinforcing “Concrete Cancer “


Restump – Expensive & Disruptive (We do not do this)

Restrengthen – We use a Quakewrap Systems  called Pilemedic. This is much cheaper with no disruption and it allows us to use it selectively  as required

Repair – Localized areas where deterioration is not severe – Especially for concrete stumps – Concrete repairs & form and pour with grout

All we need from you to provide a suitable solution and quote is:

  1. Photo – 1) overview of house 2 )close up of column 3) Access to underside
  2. Type of stump: Concrete, steel or timber
  3. Size of stumps Ave Height=     M   width=     mm   depth =     mm
  4. No of Stumps with problems
  5. Location under house:
  6. Address:
  7. Problem:
  8. Outcome required
  9. Budget:$
  10. Timing when ideally the repairs can be done
  11. Urgency: very / Med / Low
  12. Any priority Stumps
  13. Any concerns


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