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BCC – Injection Grouting Bridge Beam Story Bridge Repairs


Project Type

Grout injection under pressure 10m above ground using pre bagged LA 55 grout. Shuttering erected to accommodate the pressure with suitable injection ports and relief valves

Client Location

BCC – Bridge beam repairs – Carbonation damage

Scope of Work

Erect shuttering to accommodate the remedial breakout while structure is temporary supported and inject the grout to the pre formed up beam. Taking care to accommodate a movement joint within the structure

Project Program

1 week per beam

Other Services

Pumping of pre bagged grout

Key Performance Indicators

New grout to be free of any honey combing and have the desired manufacturers strength


Pumping to a height and avoiding air entrapment with’ enough strength to open the structure to accommodate traffic within a defined time period

Reference Name

Story Bridge


Rates $100 -$150K


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