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Specialist Engineering Coatings


We are able to offer both a cementitious (wet and dry spray) and epoxy solutions to the severe chemical attack encountered in structures. Concrete pipes and structures are an integral part of all sewerage systems. They are however susceptible to corrosion which, if not addressed, can ultimately lead to a failure of the system. Concrete Access/Inspection Chambers are some of the assets where corrosion can occur, however it has also occurred within concrete pipes, sewerage pumping stations and sewerage treatment plants. These assets represent considerable financial investment by those in the water industry and need to be well maintained to obtain maximum operational life. The benefits are that it slows down the corrosion process and can be used in situations where the structure integrity is at risk. If using a coating type product, the preparation/cleaning process is fundamental to the success of the coating product. In particular, it is vital that all corroded material has been removed before applying any coating material to ensure that there is adhesion/bonding between the parent and coating materials. When selecting a product or process, allowance should be made for the extent of the corrosion, that is- the structural strength remaining following the removal of the corroded material

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