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Over the last three decades, many solutions and products for encasement and repair of piles have been introduced. These products lack a scientific approach to solving the problem. As a result, numerous shortcomings exist with the pile repair systems that have been offered to date. PileMedic™ is a patent-pending product developed by Professor Mo Ehsani following 20 years of research and development. It is the most economical and the fastest system for strengthening columns, underwater piles, utility poles, and bridge piling with little disruption to traffic. The unique engineering features of this product resulted in the US Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA’s Urban Search & Rescue Program singling out PileMedic™ as the only system for fast repair of columns and piles that are damaged in a disaster such as hurricane, earthquake, terrorism, etc. Building Solutions Brisbane is the certified agent and installer for all QuakeWrap products in South East Queensland.

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