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Concrete Repairs & Rehabilitation

  •  Engineering Coatings
  •  Grouting Systems – (Cementitious & Epoxy)
  •  Crack Remedials & Injection
  •  Carbon Fibre & Steel Plate Strengthening
  •  Cathodic Protection
  •  Floor Jacking & Stabilising
  •  Concrete Repairs
  •  Joint Repairs &  Replacement
  • Diamond Coring
  • Marine Rehabilitation
  • Specialist Water proofing
    1) Negative Pressure Membranes
    2) Hypalon Bandage Systems

  • Testing
    1) Cement Content
    2) Strength
    3) Chlorides of Carbonation
    4) Reinforcement Location

Our remedial teams have extensive experience using the best products and have access to the most advanced products available. The methods we utilize vary from extremely simplistic to very sophisticated. We have many techniques at our disposal to extend the life of ageing structures. Rehabilitation often requires identification of the cause of deterioration followed by treatment- whether it is carbonation, chloride, chemical attack, sulphates or mechanical damage. We are able to give advice on the most suitable products available and methods of repair or construction.We provide an engineered and managed solution giving consideration to structural integrity, service life and impact on day to day operations. Work has been carried out in major industrial plants, busy construction sites and processing plants whilst all still fully operative.

Some of our applications have included the following types of structures:

  • Water Reservoirs
  • Sewerage treatment plants/facilities
  • Bridges
  • Construction Joints
  • Structural Upgrades
  • Pipe Rehabilitation
  • Industrial Applications
  • Corrosion Repair
  • Waterfront Structures
  • Fire Protection
  • Oil refineries

For more information, download our information brochure on Concrete Rehabilitation

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