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InfinitPipe™ is the latest revolutionary product developed by Professor Ehsani that allows construction of a pipeline of virtually any size and shape on-site! Most pipes manufactured to date require extensive heavy equipment that necessitates manufacturing in a plant. The pipe sections are typically made in 20-feet (7-meter) long pieces and are shipped to the job-site for assembly in the field. This adds significant transportation and installation costs. Worst of all, joints are the weakest link in the pipe where water, gas or oil can leak and cause environmental damage. For sewer pipes, these joints become a source of penetration of roots and a constant maintenance expense.

The revolutionary InfinitPipe™ overcomes all of these limitations. The pipe is manufactured on-site by raw materials that are very lightweight and compact and can be shipped in ordinary containers. The construction of InfinitPipe™ is very similar to StifPipe™ that is explained on this link. The process starts with a mandrel that has the same shape and size as the pipe being manufactured. Various layers of Carbon FRP and spacer products are wrapped in the field around the mandrel. The number of layers of Carbon FRP is designed based on the required internal pressure of the pipe. The spacer is what gives the pipe its overall stiffness and rigidity. The outer skin of the pipe is wrapped with layers of Glass or Carbon FRP for environmental protection.

Much like the construction of a steel I-beam, this innovative pipe takes advantage of this long-recognized engineering principle and uses an inexpensive light-weight core as the web, while the more expensive carbon fabric is used for the skin only. The epoxy resin is cured in a short time and the pipe is partially slipped off the mandrel; additional lengths of pipe will be made in a continuous manner with no joints — resulting in an infinitely long pipe!

The news of InfinitPipe™ has gone viral worldwide; as you can see on this page, the story has been translated in many languages and published on various blogs and magazines worldwide. A recent article published by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) can be printed by clicking here.


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