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Occupational Health & Safety

  • All activities of the company shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation and codes of practice
  • Safety in the workplace is paramount
  • All safety incidents and injuries are avoidable
  • All workplace exposures can be safeguarded
  • Safe working attitudes can only be created in an environment where sound safety practices are admired and encouraged
  • A good safety record and attitude is a major component in staff performance assessment
  • The avoidance of accidents and the maintenance of a safe working environment rests with all members of the company
  • In undertaking a contract, all suppliers and contractors to the company are bound by our safety rules and standards
  • Critically serious incidents are predictable and escalate from oversights, omissions, carelessness or ‘near-misses’. All safety incidents are therefore considered significant.
  • No person within the company has the right to instruct another to commit an unsafe act
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