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What areas do you work in?

Predominantly in South East Queensland however we do travel further when required.


What size of projects do Building Solutions Brisbane undertake?

Traditionally we undertake projects from $3 K to $500K.


What forms do your contracts take?

It depends on the client and may vary from a lump sum to a schedule of rates. However where there are many variables such as at industrial sites we provide a budget and then work on labour rates and fixed mark up for materials and plant.


What type of projects do Building Solutions Brisbane specialize in?

Projects that we specialize in are normally not straight forward and normally require specialized skills and equipment and the projects have a high regard for safety and quality control.


What documentation work do Building Solutions Brisbane carry out for their clients?

All works normally have a site safety plan, work method statement, job safety analysis, risk management plan and quality control document.


When was Building Solutions Brisbane established?

It was established in 2007


What type of insurance do Building Solutions Brisbane offer?

We have public liability, motor vehicle insurance, workers compensation and for building works we have the BSA insurance.


Do you have a lot of clients?

No – we like to have a dozen clients and look after them well and develop a long term relationship.


What size of work crews do you have?

Our teams are capable of handling jobs up to $500K

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